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February 2018

img 30We will still be feeling the effects of the January 31st Full Moon Eclipse as the month begins. In comparison to January's wild energy, February will seem a lot calmer.

The Sun and Mercury have joined Venus in Aquarius, so the mood can be friendly but detached. Aquarius energy can also manifest as restlessness. It's electric, wired and anxious to implement change.

The Last Quarter Moon on 7th Feb will be in Scorpio. You're not sure if you want to detach or get intimate. This continues into the Aquarius Solar Eclipse on February 15th, right after valenitines day. There's lots to stir your thoughts and emotions, maybe a total Eclipse of the heart?! Venus enter Pisces, and love conquesrs all.

During the week of the 12th, we feel brave and not afraid to take risks, but Uranus is involved and even though it could be good, it can usually bring about surprising and unexpected results.
Mercury and Jupiter initiate restless minds and Mars-Neptune is a signature for low energy. Careful not to scatter your energies around too much and to stay under the radar and watch your back. Organize your thoughts and your schedule as best you can because there will be sudden changes or interruptions. Mercury and Sun enter Pisces, so communications become vague and fuzzy and there’s a lot of daydreaming.

Chinese New year of the Dog, begins on the 16th, at the time of the New Moon. Mercury will join the Eclipse degree on the same day, suggesting a quick manifestation or even resolution to the unpredictable energy.

Venus and Neptune can have a lazy effect and you’ll rather spend your time doing something romantic than working. Relationships can be a bit tricky between the week of 19-25 February, so try and keep things calm. Small issues can be blown out of proportion. Neptune gets our creative juices flowing and makes us want to escape reality, but Saturn makes it quite tough to do that.

Venus and Pluto intensify our feelings.  This can be very pleasing, so make the most of this combo. Mercury and Mars on the other hand can heat moods up. Choose your battles carefully, as you’ll have to deal with the fallout when things have settled down. Be careful of injuries.  Communication is fueled by passion when Mercury joins Pluto, adding power to our words.

The end of February sees the Moon crossing the degree of the eclipse that took place on January 31. This is the first activation of this eclipse point so it’s possible that we may be feeling the effects around this time or starting to understand what it means for us on a personal level. Make a note of the feelings that arise on this date as they may seed ideas that bloom in August when the Sun crosses this point.

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